Gennaro Santaniello figurative painter

About Gennaro Santaniello

I am figurative painter, self represented.

Born in Naples, Italy, in 1980 and grew up in the area around Vesuvius, where I currently live and work.

I started painting very early and I made my first oil on canvas painting already at the age of 10. But I can say that I started painting professionally at the age of 22.

A self-taught artist.

I have a degree in mechanical engineering without formal education in art.  

About my art

At the beginning of my journey as realist painter,  I was very fascinated by the metaphysic paintings of De Chirico and by the surrealism of Dali’. Later, I found inspiration in pop culture and in rock-pop stars portraits.

Today my research is mainly concentrated on the human figure, especially on realistic portraits. I paint mostly oil on canvas, but sometimes I use other techniques on different supports. 

The blurry paintings are a diversification to pure realism. I use this style to represent images suspended in memory.


I participated in numerous group exhibitions in Italy and abroad and my paintings are in private collections in America, China and Europe.

This is a short list of recent exhibitions:

  • I colori dell’anima – Chiesa di Santa Maria – 3 -11 December 2011 – Napoli
  • EmozionArti Alla Domus, Rome, March 2013
  • Le dame art Gallery, London, July-September 2016
  • Art Passage, December 2016, Milan, Italy
  • VirgiliOvo, Napoli Castel dell’Ovo, February 2017
  • Expo Arte Teano, Caserta, Italy, October 2017

I am currently:

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